Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Buying Bargains

So, yes, I do really, really like buying second-hand. It started with garage sales. I had them, I went to them, and enjoyed the hunt very much!

Then, I discovered resale SHOPS! There are many, many if you take the time to hunt them down. And they have improved with the years, and also with the competition.

There are now resale shops for just about anything you could want to purchase, including clothing, large & small, books, many items for various collections, and furniture. There are many advantages to buying resale, not the least of which is the bottom line....less $$$.

So, when I arrived back in GSP, I immediately sought out my all time favorite resale haunt, Trunk Treasures! The real beauty of this sale is that I am also an employee, so I am able to see it all come in, scan the inventory and pick my favorites. I also consign in this sale, so the chance of at least breaking even is greatly improved. :/

Good times with good friends. Gotta love it!

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  1. Hey Suzy...I saw a comment that you made on Liam & Silas blog, and was wondering if you had considered being a surrogate? We follow Liam, Sila and Myles' blog, as we too had bad HELLP syndrome and are looking for a surrogate. I would rather contact you privately instead of posting a public message, but couldn't figure out how! My email is p i e b o n @ y a h o o. c o m (minus the spaces) if you would like to chat! Thanks!