Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Buying Bargains

So, yes, I do really, really like buying second-hand. It started with garage sales. I had them, I went to them, and enjoyed the hunt very much!

Then, I discovered resale SHOPS! There are many, many if you take the time to hunt them down. And they have improved with the years, and also with the competition.

There are now resale shops for just about anything you could want to purchase, including clothing, large & small, books, many items for various collections, and furniture. There are many advantages to buying resale, not the least of which is the bottom line....less $$$.

So, when I arrived back in GSP, I immediately sought out my all time favorite resale haunt, Trunk Treasures! The real beauty of this sale is that I am also an employee, so I am able to see it all come in, scan the inventory and pick my favorites. I also consign in this sale, so the chance of at least breaking even is greatly improved. :/

Good times with good friends. Gotta love it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ever been to San Diego?

This is the wonderful view from the hotel balcony. We stayed at the Best Western Island Palms and they get a big thumbs up! It is at the Shelter Island Marina.
We ate lunch at the fabulous place!! Probably should have gone back for seconds.
Well, if you have not visited, you probably should consider going for a few days! This is the star attraction at the San Diego zoo.....Long-ish line to visit the Panda exhibit, but well worth the wait.

We also saw Legoland, the SeaLife Aquarium, Little Italy (home to the wonderful restaurant pictured above), Also strolled through Old Town San Diego, went on a whale watching sail, saw all the shows at Sea World, and walked Mission beach and the rock cliffs of La Jolla! All in all, a great 5 days!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring, maybe?

Well, have been quite busy for the past few days, and I could not possibly write on my blog recently because the SUN has been out, and I thought that I had better try to take full advantage of that, since I can barely remember it from last year. (And they are predicting SNOW again for Tuesday!!)

Most of the projects around my house have now been completed:
The roof has been rebuilt, 2 chimneys removed, land cleared for my back yard, sod installed, beds remade & planted, pool fence installed, perimeter fence put up, brick wall taken down, 6 trees removed, blinds in 2 main rooms so that the neighborhood cannot look it at all hours, several pool equipment issues have been fixed, drain installed so that the driveway does not flood, awnings picked and ordered, and pressure washing complete.

Just so that I do not get too lonely without contractors around 24/7, I DO have a couple items still to be worked on....
Pool deck repainted, pool filter replaced, fountain made operational (although I am not quite sure why anyone needs one) and finally the repainting of several rooms inside the house that received a LOT of water damage while the roof/chimneys work was being done.

I hope I grow to LOVE it here, because I could have purchased a small house for what has been spent!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have I Mentioned that I HATE winter......

Well, barely made it home yesterday before the blizzard arrived. It was snowing November 30th in Dallas before I moved, now it has rained or snowed every day since....
Well, maybe not really every day, but it sure seems that way. It is the middle of February, and one would think, being in SC, that we would be safe from blizzards. (Unless you would choose to BUY one at Dairy Queen)

Here is a beautiful photo of my yard.

I can't wait for spring!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Blog; First Post!

Well, I had a perfectly good blog, but alas, I left it unattended for too long after I discovered the joys of Facebook!
My first blog is still around, but I could not figure out how to post, so I just began a new one.

I will really try to keep it current.